Old School and Proud Of It - Bucket Hat

Old School and Proud Of It - Bucket Hat

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I'm beginning to like the sound of the neighborhood kids calling me Old School.

They cannot believe that I'm still winning all the pull-up contests (I can't either). To their delight, I reference Hip-Hop lyrics (old and new) to cement almost every point I make. They think it's cool that I'm on IG, but they want to see me on TiKTok. And they refuse to acknowledge my swag (but that might be because it's mostly in my head). 

Yet, every single encounter begins with a reverential "Old School, what do you think about..."

It is both a tremendous honor and a colossal responsibility. Giving them an incomplete, or worse, the wrong answer is not one of my choices. I praise God that I have not yet let them down. If you find yourself in this same position, wear it proudly. The entire neighborhood (and the whole country) is counting on you.

The same goes for this headwear—it is to be worn proudly. It does not explicitly signifies age, but that you must have done something right to make it this far. 

We think you should be proud of your accomplishment. 

I'm Old School and Proud Of It. If you feel the same way, this cap is for you.



  • 100% cotton twill
  • Two metal eyelets on each side
  • 2" brim



  • Black w/ White Stitching