Is your clothing designed for men or women?

We've learned not to think in terms of gender or sex. When something resonates with you, it is for you.

It seems that you guys are everywhere. Where are you from?

You can thank Southwest Airlines for that. Florida, California.

How long have you all been around?

Since 1989. Were you even born in 1989?

What does DIYW stand for?

Dig if you will. It is our way of offering you a sui generis slice of life.

What does Hot Chocolate really mean?

Authentic. Unique. Special.

Who is Hot Chocolate?

Hot Chocolate is anyone who has a little self-confidence. If you have some or want to get some, we are the company for you.

Are the images on your flyer different pictures of the same person?

Our senior member of the group thanks you for the compliment. There are six of us. Some say that you have to look closely to tell us apart. Of course, we don't think so.

If I need some shirts printed can you do that for me?

Yes. Keep in mind, however, we consider ourselves blessed that we stay busy promoting our line. Consequently, our availability to produce custom orders is limited. With that being said, we are never available for contract orders. Send us an e-mail when you're ready and we will rearrange what we have to in order to fit you in.

What is your return policy?

Return any unused diywstore.com product for a full refund at any time for any reason. Our returns department will inspect all garments for usage.